Alla Efimova

Jacques and Esther Reutlinger Director
Alla Efimova

Alla Efimova, PhD, is a curator and art historian with a particular interest in the visual culture of modern Jewry.

Arielle Tonkin

Programs Coordinator
arielle tonkin.JPG

Arielle Tonkin is an artist and an educator. She holds a combined B.A.

Jamie Henderson

Events Coordinator

Jamie Henderson will receive her MA/MBA in Museum Studies from John F. Kennedy University Summer 2014.

Gary Handman

Public Services Coordinator

Britta Kolb

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Britta Kolb, MA, coordinates advertisements, general marketing, inquiries from the public, the University, and provides development and administrative support.

Julie Franklin

Registrar, Exhibitions Coordinator, and Rights Manager
Julie Franklin

Julie Franklin has been working in the arts for the last twenty-two years.