Western Jewish Americana

The Western Jewish Americana library holdings of The Magnes constitute the world’s largest collection of reference and research tools about the Jewish experience in the American West.

Global Jewish Diaspora

The Global Jewish Diaspora library holdings of The Magnes were created through collecting campaigns in India, North Africa and Central Europe, as well as through donations by Bay Area col

Global Jewish Diaspora

Leah Hallegua's Songbook (Kochi, Kerala, India)

Over the decades, the Magnes acquired a host of small archival collections documenting the activities of individuals, families and organizations in the Global Jewish Diaspora, with a focus on Europ

Western Jewish Americana

In 1967, the Judah L.

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The archival holdings have been a central feature of the collecting interests of the Magnes since its inception.


The library holdings of The Magnes include rare and illustrated books from the global Jewish diaspora, periodicals, reference and original materials about Jewish history in the American W


The Museum holdings of The Magnes encompass two main areas: Jewish Art and Jewish Life.